Real-Time Identity Monitoring with Alerts

Identity theft can inflict financial damage for months or even years before detection occurs. Our cutting edge ID Monitoring solution leverages the nation’s largest fraud and transaction database to detect ID theft within seconds of occurrence, often weeks before detection by traditional solutions.Upon account activation, we will analyze the customer’s profile against a database of over 650 billion data points, to provide an individual identity risk analysis, report and risk score. On an ongoing basis, customers will be provided with active real-time monitoring and will receive instant email alerts in the event new activity occurs in their identity profile. Upon receipt of email alerts, customers are instructed to login to their account to view the updated identity report and determine if fraud may have occurred. Data monitored includes:

• Credit Card Accounts
• Wireless Accounts
• Mortgage Accounts
• Auto Loans
• Payday Loans
• Change of Address Records
• Utility Accounts
• Healthcare Accounts




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