PrivErase Privacy & Identity Protection - NEW!

Information is gathered about you online from the following sources:

• People Databases
• List Brokers
• Social Media
• Public Records

This data can be used against you by employers, identity thieves, marketers, and other nefarious individuals. PrivErase works by removing as much of your personal information from the Internet as possible; we then continue to scan the Internet to make sure it stays removed!:

The information that is gathered about you can include the names and ages of your children, your credit and wealth estimate, your phone number, picture, address and value of your home as well as how much you owe on your mortgage. This information can be used in the following ways:

• By employers making hiring and firing decisions
• By attorneys looking to "dig up dirt" on you
• By identity thieves after sensitive information
• By marketers who want to send you targeted spam
• By insurers you've filed a claim with
• By creepy Exes snooping on you

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